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Over the last few decades, I have concentrated on capturing the power, energy, and movement of nature through abstract painting that shifts the gaze between color-rich layers, heaving surfaces, and undulating organic shapes. My immersion in and through the art world cuts an intellectually curious route to a deeply emotional level that allows the process and materials to define the path to the ultimate form. Building up multiple tiers of colors and then scraping paint away reveals rich textures, surprising tones, and lyrical patterns that define the image.


My process of constructing a painting—from substrate to ground to surface—resembles an archeological dig in reverse.  I start with the accumulation of pigment and media and follow with the deconstruction of the original tiers of colors.  Alternating between adding shapes and elements and scraping through the saturated stratums I uncover the very history of the progression. I seek the surprise of the found forms within this newly revealed history


Close, fascinating observations of nature provide the gateway of discovery within the creative process and the creative consideration. My work does not copy nature. Instead, it propels the emergence of an organic sense of nature that invites in-depth viewing and prompts many references. I seek to express wonder filtered through deep appreciation and formal considerations as the work morphs into being. My innate drive to seek, to evolve, and to explore concepts, processes, and materials arouses interest and intensifies passion.

When evolving an image, I play with scale and explore mixed media’s impact. My work ranges from intimate-sized oil-on-paper to large-scale panels fabricated of diverse mediums that span over 10 feet. The visual descriptions run the gamut from muscular and brawny to delicate and sinewy. 

The paintings command the space where they are placed and connect to onlookers in deep and profound ways.


Mary Mattei received her B.S. Certificate Degree Fine Arts Major, from the City University of New York, Hunter College. She also attended the Maryland Institute College of Art and a series of painting workshops and classes throughout the US.  In the past several years these have included classes at RF Handmade Paints in Kingston, NY: Exploring pigment stick, mixed media and visual language using encaustic, oil with cold wax and oil pigment sticks. She has studied working with oil, cold wax and mixed media under Lisa Pressman. Her work is in numerous private collections.

Selected Exhibitions

Juried Group Show, “Fay Chandler Emerging Art Exhibition”, Boston City Hall, MA             2019

Juried Group Show, “Through the Surface”, 6 Bridges Gallery, Maynard MA                        2019

Juried Group Show, “The Unusuals”, The Painting Center, NYC                                           2019

Solo Exhibitions, Mattei Galleria, Brookline, MA                                                                    2001-2018 

Group Show, Hall Haskell House Gallery, Ipswich, MA                                                          2008
Solo Exhibition,” Boles and Branches”, Eclipse Gallery, Boston, MA                                      2004

Juried Show, Fuller Museum of Art, Randolph, MA                                                                2004

National Watermedia Exhibition OWS, Canton Museum of Art, OH                                       2001

Group Show, Kelly Randall Gallery, Cleveland, OH                                                                1999

Juried Exhibition, National Watercolor Society                                                                       1998

Group Show, Barth Gallery, Cleveland, OH                                                                            1998

Juried Exhibition, Watercolor Ohio, Canton Museum of Art, OH                                            1998

Annual Juried Exhibition, Ohio Watercolor Society                                                                 1997

Annual International Exhibition, Philadelphia Watercolor Club                                                1995



Gold Medal Ohio Watercolor Society                                                                                      1997

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